Bringing communities together to promote health equity & inclusion through collaborative research for action

WELCOME to the Centre for Research on Health Equity and Social Inclusion.

The core of CRHESI’s mission is addressing both the roots, and consequences, of health and social inequities through research, scholarship, creative activity and knowledge mobilization.

CRHESI is established as a university research centre that is administratively situated within Western’s Faculty of Health Sciences and led by an Academic and Community Director. Broadly, our staff and members engage in the following activities:
  • Facilitate community-based and community-led research and evaluation work
  • Facilitate partnerships between local organizations and university-based researchers​
  • Develop capacity among all partners, especially students / learners​
  • Mobilize new knowledge to support practice & policy change, and optimize community outcomes and impacts​
  • Create and broker relationships of trust between and among funders, policy makers, service providers, service users, people with lived experience, learners and researchers​

CRHESI strives to provide space for research-enabled change from multiple perspectives.

By identifying as a member, you participate in the CRHESI network in various ways that may shift or emerge dependent on your needs, the needs of the network and the wider community. Engagement is also dependent upon opportunities and resource availability. Members r
eceive and exchange knowledge about health equity and social inclusion topics and issues.

When you join CRHESI as a member you agree to receive updates and invitations to events through the email list and the Radar, CRHESI’s e-newsletter.


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