Centre for Research on Health Equity and Social Inclusion

Faculty of Health Sciences, Western University + Communities of London and region

Bringing communities together to collaboratively identify, research, understand, and address  injustice and inequity.

  • Facilitate community-based and community-led research and evaluation work
  • Facifliate partnerships between local organizations and university-based researchers​
  • Develop capacity among all partners, especially students / learners​
  • Mobilize new knowledge to support practice & policy change, and optimize community outcomes and impacts​
  • Create and broker relationships of trust between and among funders, policy makers, service providers, service users, people with lived experience, learners and researchers​

Anyone can be a CRHESI Member. Inequities and injustices cut across the work of many faculties within Western University and community-service organizations within the London and region public sector. CRHESI strives to provide space for research-enabled change.

By identifying yourself as a member, you:
  • Seek active collaboration in the CRHESI network
  • Share updates about and opportunties for health equity and social inclusion work
  • Stay connected with the CRHESI network
When you join CRHESI as a member you agree to receive updates and invitations to events through the email list and the Radar, CRHESI’s e-newsletter.


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