Centre for Research on Health Equity and Social Inclusion

Faculty of Health Sciences, Western University

Bringing communities together to collaboratively identify, research, understand, and address 'wicked problems' that prevent access to justice, health, and belonging for all people.


The Centre for Research on Health Equity and Social Inclusion is an initiative led by Western University’s Faculty of Health Sciences. We are a dynamic ecosystem of community organizations, community members, and researchers.


Anyone can be a Member of CRHESI. By identifying yourself as a member, you are expressing an interest in actively sharing updates about your equity and inclusion work, collaborating with others in the network, and staying abreast of communications from the Centre. If you would like to only receive our email updates and not identify as a formal member, please select Subscriber.


We intentionally bring people together who share common, intersecting, or complimentary expertise, experience, and areas of knowledge. We use the information in this form to help us identify potential collaborators on projects. Please type in as many words as necessary in the 'Keywords' field to highlight your areas of expertise, passions, interests, or areas of research. (For example: homelessness, racism, precarious employment, mental health, colonization, aging populations, intersectionality, critical theory, etc.)

Questions? Send us an email at info@crhesi.ca
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